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ITR is the level of play rating scale used worldwide by teachers and schools of the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry).
This scale is used by all interested parties, for enrollment in courses, to self-evaluate themselves in order to offer a better idea of ​​the level of play and favor the organizers of tournaments, including amateur ones.
Read carefully the descriptions of the game levels and evaluate yourself, then enter your evaluation in the appropriate space on the registration form.
1.0  Completely novice player.
1.5  Player with very little experience, he has already taken some lessons, but still has difficulties in the fundamental shots and in keeping the dribble.
2.0  Player who starts dribbling despite not having automated the fundamentals technique yet. There are no special shots completely.
2.5  Player starting to control the fundamental shots. He manages to keep the dribble when he receives easy balls, he is in trouble when he has to run sideways. The service is still insecure. He begins to play the first few games.
3.0  Player who already has a fair amount of control in fundamental shots, even after moving; he also begins to check the direction of the blows. He still lacks controlled special shots. The first serve is safe enough when he doesn’t try to force it.
3.5  A confident player in fundamental strokes, he also plays volleyballs with moderate success and usually plays single and double matches. He still lacks control over the depth of his shots. The first service is good, a second safe service is still missing. He is a club player who participates in the social ranking and club tournaments.
4.0  NC expert player or 4th category, 5th or 4th group. He is able to play good shots from baseline, attack and net shots; he has a good first service ball that can put the opponent in difficulty; the second serve is cut (slice) or lifted (topspin), although not yet very sure. He participates in individual and team regional tournaments.
4.5  Category 4 player, 3rd-2nd -1st group, who has good control over the depth of his shots and a good repertoire of special shots, topspin and slice. He already has one or more very effective and powerful shots. The second service is good and effective. He has a full game, plays fairly regularly and successfully participates in 4th and 3rd category regional tournaments.
5.0  Excellent player, 3rd category 5th or 4th group. He has a very effective aggressive and defensive game. He is able to recognize the opponent’s style and skills and is able to change game tactics as needed. He has confident and also powerful shots.
5.5  3rd category player, 3rd -2 -1st group.
6.0  2nd category player, 8th-7th-6th-5th group. He plays national and international prize pool tournaments ($ 10,000 men’s and women’s qualifiers and draws).
6.5  2nd category player, 4th-3rd-2nd -1st group. He plays national and international prize pool tournaments ($ 10,000 and $ 25,000 tournaments, ATP and WTA tournament qualifiers).
7.0  1st category professional player. He plays international prize money tournaments (ATP TOUR, WTA TOUR, GRAND SLAM) and can participate in team competitions such as the Davis Cup and Federation Cup, or in the Olympics.  ITR is the level of play rating scale used worldwide by teachers and schools of the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry).