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This information on the use of  cookies  on the website  www.miotorneo.com  is provided to the user in implementation of the provision of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data of 8 May 2014  “Identification of simplified procedures for information and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies “  and in compliance with art. 13 of the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).
What is a cookie?
Cookies are short text files that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. At each subsequent visit the cookies are re-sent to the website that originated them (first-party cookies) or to another site that recognizes them (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognize the user’s device. They have different purposes such as, for example, to allow you to navigate between pages efficiently, to remember your favorite sites and, in general, to improve the browsing experience. They also help to ensure that the advertising content displayed online is more targeted to a user and to her interests. Based on the function and purpose of use, cookies can be divided into  technical cookies , profiling cookies ,  third party cookies .
Technical cookies
Technical cookies are those whose use does not require the user’s consent. These cookies are essential to allow you to browse a website and use all its features. Without these cookies, which are absolutely necessary, a website could not provide some services or functions and navigation would not be as smooth and easy as it should be. A cookie of this type is also used to store a user’s decision on the use of cookies on the website. 
This category also includes performance cookies, which are sometimes also called  analytics cookies . These are cookies that collect information about the use that a user makes of a website and that allow to improve its functioning. For example, performance cookies show which pages are most frequently visited, allow you to check which are the recurring patterns of use of a website, help to understand every difficulty that the user encounters in use and shows the effectiveness of advertising. which is published on the site.
Technical cookies are essential and cannot be disabled using the functions of this website.  In general, cookies can be completely disabled in your browser at any time.
 Profiling cookies
Other cookies can instead be used to monitor and profile users while browsing, study their movements and habits of web consultation or consumption (what they buy, what they read, etc.), also for the purpose of sending advertising of targeted services and customized. In this case we are talking about profiling cookies. The use of these cookies requires the prior acquisition of the user’s free informed consent pursuant to art. 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.

This website does not use profiling cookies.

Third party cookies
It may also happen that a web page contains cookies from other sites and contained in various elements hosted on the page itself, such as advertising banners, images, videos, etc. .. We are talking, in these cases, of the so-called third-party cookies, which of usually, but not always, they are used for profiling purposes.  This website uses third party cookies.
Which cookies fitmodena.com uses and how to disable them
This website uses  technical cookies , aimed at ensuring the proper functioning of the site.
The website also uses the following third-party cookies:
  • To improve the website and understand which parts or elements are most appreciated by users,  third-party cookies from  Google  Analytics are used as an anonymous and aggregate analysis tool . These cookies are not tools owned by us, for more information, therefore, you can consult the information provided by  Google  at the following address:  http://www.google.it/policies/privacy/partners/ .
  • The pages of the website incorporate within them some widgets and sharing buttons of  Facebook ,  Twitter  and  Google Plus , to allow the user to share the contents of the website on their social channels, and to interact with our channels. These cookies are not tools owned by us, but are created respectively by Facebook, Twitter and Google when the respective widget or share button is used. To learn more, visit the following information pages:  Facebook ,  Twitter , Google , histats . 
  • Some web pages incorporate YouTube video content within them  . By visiting a page containing a YouTube video, or by clicking to view the video, cookies from YouTube may be recalled. These cookies are not tools owned by us. To learn more, visit the  Google information page .
Technical cookies, third-party cookies linked to the presence of “social plugins” and analytics are the only cookies that the website uses to make the user’s navigation pleasant. Profiling cookies are not used.
Cookie management
The user can decide whether or not to accept cookies using the settings on his browser. Disabling third-party cookies does not affect navigability in any way, but reduces the functionality of the website.
It is possible to deny the use of cookies by following the disabling procedure provided by your browser:  Microsoft Windows Explorer ,  Mozilla Firefox ,  Google Chrome ,  Apple Safari .
If you also prefer that your data is not used in any way, you can use anonymous browsing (Do Not Track option, anonymous navigation, etc.) of your browser:  Microsoft Windows Explorer ,  Google Chrome ,  Mozilla Firefox ,  Apple Safari .
how to disable, quick user help guide:

1. Start Chrome
2. Click on the menu at the top right of the browser toolbar
3. Select the Settings item
4. Click on the link Show advanced settings
5. In the “Privacy” section click the “Content settings” button
6. Under “Cookies” you can change the following settings to choose how to manage cookies:

  • Allow saving data locally (recommended)
  • It stores local data only until the browser is closed
  • Block sites from setting any data
  • Block third-party cookies and site data
  • Handle exceptions for some internet sites
  • All cookies and site data
Mozilla Firefox
1. Start Mozilla Firefox
2. Click on the menu at the top right
3. Choose the Options item
4. Choose the Privacy tab
5. Click on Show advanced settings
6. In the “Privacy” section click on the “Content settings” button “
7. In the” Tracking “section it is possible to change the following settings on the treatment of cookies:
  • Ask the sites not to make any tracking
  • Communicate to the sites the availability to be tracked
  • Do not communicate any preference regarding the tracking of personal data
1. From the “History” section you can:
  • By enabling “Use custom settings” select to accept third-party cookies (always, from the most visited sites or never) and to keep them for a specified period (until they expire, when Firefox is closed or to ask every time)
  • Remove the individual cookies stored
Internet Explorer
1. Start Internet Explorer
2. Click on the Tools button and select Internet Options
3. Select the Privacy tab and select the Settings item: change the slider according to the desired action for cookies:
  • Block all cookies
  • Allow all cookies
  • Selection of the sites from which to obtain cookies: move the cursor to an intermediate position so as not to block or allow all cookies, then press on Sites, in the Website Address box enter a website and then press on Block or Allow
Safari 6
1. Start Safari
2. Click on Safari
3. Select Preferences and then press Privacy
4. In the Block Cookies section indicate which methods Safari should apply to cookies.
1. Click on Details to see which sites have stored cookies click on Details
Safari iOS (mobile devices)
1. Start Safari iOS
2. Select Settings and then Safari
3. Select Block Cookies
4. Choose one of the following options: “Never”, “From third parties and advertisers” or “Always”
5. To delete all cookies saved by Safari select Settings / Safari and click on Delete cookies and data
1. Start Opera
2. Select Preferences
3. Select Advanced
4. Select Cookies
5. Choose one of the available options:
  • Accept all cookies
  • Accept cookies only from the site you visit: third-party cookies that are sent from a domain other than the one you are visiting will be rejected
  • Never accept cookies: all cookies will never be saved
Elimination of Flash cookies
The cookie management tools available in your browser are unable to remove Flash cookies.  By disabling Flash cookies, however, some of our services may not work properly and you will not be able to access all the features designed to optimize your browsing experience on the site.  Click the link below to change your Flash cookie settings.
Disabling Flash cookies
Links for other sites
There may be links (links) to other sites that are neither our property nor controlled by us. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for the privacy and cookie regulations for these third party sites. This information applies only to the policy of this website (www.miotorneo.com).  We encourage you to exercise caution when leaving the site and to read the privacy policies of any website that collects or may collect personal information.
Update of 25/05/2015
This privacy policy may undergo changes over time – also related to the possible entry into force of new sector regulations, the updating or provision of new services or technological innovations, for which the user and / or visitor is invited to consult this page periodically.
It is possible to oppose the registration of cookies also using the unsubscribe platform of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Europe by connecting to the following platform:  http://www.youronlinechoices.com/it/ .
This page is visible from the link in a banner in the center of any page of the site the first time you connect, or from the link located in the footer of all pages and also from the information menu, then choosing the privacy and cookie button, to pursuant to art. 122 second paragraph of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 and following the simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies published in the Official Gazette No. 126 of June 3, 2014 and related register of measures No. 229 of May 8, 2014.
It is also possible to get further information on:

guarantor of personal data
fitmodena.com, 25 May 2015
Subscriber security and privacy


We inform you, pursuant to law 196/03, that your data are mainly processed by computer, for the sole purpose of managing your order and all the obligations that follow. The customer has the right to access their data as well as the right to request, at any time, their cancellation, transformation into anonymous form, blocking of data processed in violation of the law, updating, rectification and integration.
In general, it is possible to visit this website without the need to reveal your identity or provide any information about you. Personal data is only necessary when: you register, during the registration operations or the purchase of material or IT goods  (first entry, data update, removals, news, etc.).  In some of these cases, it may be necessary to enter: name, address, e-mail address and other useful information.
If you wish to place an order by credit card, you will also need to enter the relevant information in order to proceed with the transaction. This information will NEVER be stored. Our goal is to guarantee you maximum confidentiality.  It is possible to check the information about you by writing us an e-mail.
If there are any inaccuracies we will delete them or correct them promptly. The personal information we hold will be protected in accordance with our internal security policy and applicable laws.  With each tournament registration you make, you will be automatically registered in our database and even if you request  removal from the information newsletter, you will still receive emails relating to information on playing times that will be  automatically sent to you until the end of the tournament you are registered to. .
Use of personal data
If you decide to release your personal data, such as name, address, e-mail address, and in any case only following your specific consent, we may use this information for promotional and marketing purposes,  for promotional offers, announcements of new products or activities. ‘by mailing. (newsletter) 
How to delete the name from the mailing list It is possible to request at any time by e- mail l to delete your name and address from the mailing list in order not to receive in  the future communications, announcements of new products and special offers. For any questions / comments on privacy, please contact the manager at [email protected]   



At each tournament registration you will be automatically added to the newsletter, from which you can unsubscribe by requesting it from [email protected] or by replying to the link in each email that will arrive. The frequency of sending emails is based on the number of tournaments planned, but they will never be more than 4 per month.